Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

At Bridge, we are committed to building and maintaining a talented and diverse workforce and to supporting an environment of trust and respect for all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee’s mission is to increase awareness at all levels of the organization and further promote the following:

  1. Diversity of ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds
  2. Equity in professional development, access to opportunities, and career advancement
  3. Culture of Inclusion that embraces everyone’s differences and involves all voices

Committee members represent diverse views, work and life experiences, and roles and responsibilities across Bridge. They are dedicated advocates to ensuring continued progress in promoting a true inclusive work environment and providing opportunities for all employees to use their varied talents to support the firm’s mission and pursuit of excellence.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Highlights:


In 2020, Bridge expanded its analyst recruiting efforts to include HBCUs and other universities with diverse student populations to further advance our goals of a diverse work culture.


Bridge launched a firmwide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) survey in the Summer of 2020 to analyze the impact of current company efforts and identify key areas for improvement. In 2021, Bridge also hired a diversity consultant to advise the firm on how to best expand on DE&I initiatives across all areas of the organization.


From 2021 and onward, Bridge has committed to recognizing Juneteenth as a paid company holiday in celebration of the end of slavery in the Confederacy, the many achievements of the Black community, and the richness of African American heritage. Bridge also participated in the celebration of Latino/Hispanic and Native American Heritage months, as well as gave paid time off on Election Day 2020 to provide all employees the opportunity to vote.


Bridge proudly celebrated Pride Month in June 2020 and established the Bridge Ally program to support our LGBTQ+ employees and community. Our allies are committed to teamwork, empowerment, responsibility, and holding themselves and others accountable to these values as we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.


The Bridge Women’s Network is an employee resource group designated to foster a strong community of professionals that promote the recruiting, development, and retention of talented female leadership. BWN engages employees with a variety of resources, including keynote speaker events, network opportunities, a leadership speaker series, mentoring, and newsletters


Bridge Investment Group’s newest resource group is slated to launch in March. The mission of the Black Inclusion Group is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive work culture for Black employees and provide a platform for Black employees to bring awareness to their focused initiatives.

Steering Committee Members:

Steering Committee Members:

Todd Mitchell

Co-Chair, Director, Property Management, Bridge Commercial Real Estate

Steering Committee Members:

Rhonda Cantrell Dunn

Co-Chair, Vice President of Operations Support, Bridge Senior Living

Steering Committee Members:

Tamala Herd

Design Manager, Bridge Commercial Real Estate

Steering Committee Members:

James Freeman

Managing Director, Core Plus Investments

Steering Committee Members:

Michelle Cockrell

Regional Manager, Bridge Property Management

Steering Committee Members:

Imani Mosley

Associate, Investor Relations & Marketing, Client Solutions Group

Steering Committee Members:

Brian K. Hinds Jr.

Director, Acquisitions, Bridge Development and Opportunity Zones

Steering Committee Members:

Sojournia Oates

Director, Special Operations, Bridge Property Management

Steering Committee Members:

Zach Smith

Director, Talent Management

Steering Committee Members:

David Coelho

Executive Sponsor, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Development and Opportunity Zones


Bridge is excited to be launching additional resource groups throughout 2021 and beyond to further inclusivity and connectivity, increase awareness of social and professional challenges, and establish communities that welcome colleagues of all backgrounds.


From our front-line site employees to our corporate teams, we strongly believe our people are our greatest assets. We appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of our Bridge veterans, service members, and the families who support them. They are a vital part of our continued success and we are proud to employ and support the careers of our veteran team members.

Committee Members
Colin Apple
Co-Chief Investment Officer, Managing Director of Acquisitions, Bridge Multifamily
David Arteaga
Managing Director, Development, Bridge Development and Opportunity Zones
Scott Cardenas
Chief Technology Officer
Rachel Diller
Managing Director, Acquisitions, Bridge Workforce & Affordable Housing
Rhonda Cantrell Dunn
Vice President of Operations Support, Bridge Senior Living
Kristina Cavin
Director, Human Resources
James Chung
Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Debt Strategies, Head of DE&I Committee 
Catrina Jackson
Treasury Associate II, Bridge Seniors Housing and Medical Properties
JD Jensen
Treasury Associate
Todd Mitchell
Director, Property Management, Bridge Commercial Real Estate
Rachel Mondelli
Senior Vice President, Bridge Property Management
Isela Rosales
Managing Director, ESG & Sustainability
Zach Smith
Director, Talent Management
Meena Thever
Managing Director, Client Solutions Group
Katrina Thomas
Vice President, Talent Acquisitions