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Bridge Investment Group acquired secondary market specialist, Newbury Partners, on March 31, 2023. With experience spanning more than 250 secondary transactions and nearly 20 years as secondary specialists, Newbury Partners works with sellers and funds to create liquidity solutions across the global private equity market.

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Since its inception in late 2006, Newbury Partners has leveraged its experience, expertise, and expansive network of relationships to focus on small and mid-size transactions in the secondary market.

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The private equity industry has grown significantly in the last two decades to more than $7 trillion in assets under management, as a greater number of investors have committed increasing amounts of capital to an ever larger and increasingly global universe of funds.

As the private equity market has grown and become more complex, so too have investors’ needs for liquidity in this illiquid asset class. While this need for liquidity exists in all market environments, it is in particularly high demand during times of economic volatility. The private equity secondaries market has grown dramatically since the Great Financial Crisis to provide this liquidity, particularly in the buyout, growth equity, and venture capital sectors that Newbury Partners targets.

With deep experience across a broad range of secondary transactions, from acquiring single limited partnership interests and portfolios of investments to developing complex fund liquidity solutions, Newbury Partners has established a reputation as a leading global specialist in the private equity secondaries market.


Newbury Partners works actively with sellers to address liquidity needs across the spectrum of private equity strategies, including leveraged buyouts, growth equity, venture capital, special situations, and fund-of-funds. Transaction size is not a limiting factor for us, with experience executing transactions with values as small as $1 million and as large as several hundreds of millions of dollars. We also consider transactions across a range of maturities, from relatively young to mature investments, and purchase interests in both private equity funds as well as privately held companies (frequently working with general partners to create bespoke liquidity solutions). A hallmark to our approach is that we offer senior-level expertise and attention to assist sellers in evaluating their private equity holdings, crafting optimal liquidity solutions, and navigating the complexities of the liquidity process.

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