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Development & Opportunity Zones

As a recognized leader in community revitalization, Bridge is well-positioned to champion the true intent of the Opportunity Zone legislation. Our specialized OZ team combines on-the-ground knowledge of high-growth markets with tax benefits to spearhead purpose-driven investment in America’s under-invested communities.

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Building Upon What Works

As soon as the first QOZs were designated in April 2018, Bridge was on the ground identifying a pipeline of projects in a carefully curated subset of QOZs within the high-growth markets in which we and our founding partners have been investing for nearly three decades.


Our QOZ investments seek to drive value for both our investors and in the communities in which we invest. Our data-driven and on-the-ground research approach, highly experienced and passionate management team, and commitment to impact elevate our outcomes.
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Our OZ investments align with the target markets Bridge knows well. We diligently select investments through in-depth research, in-depth data, and our boots-on-the-ground insights. We aim to create value for our investors and create long-term value for the neighborhoods within which we invest, develop, and manage.


Given our long-standing experience in real estate investing across several strategies, our development network, our robust property management team, and our commitment to drive value, the launch of our QOZ strategy was a natural extension of our work. 


Additionally, we serve as a member of the Opportunity Zone Coalition organized by the Economic Innovation Group (“EIG”), which maintains direct advocacy to the U.S. Department of Treasury, allowing us to benefit from real-time knowledge and insight into regulatory developments.

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As of Q2 2022, the QOZ team oversees approximately $4.4 billion in AUM.

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