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Tim Reardon


Tim Reardon is the Chief Operating Officer of Bridge Property Management. Tim oversees Bridge’s 55,000+ multifamily units with an emphasis on process and increased efficiency through data analysis. He has spoken at numerous conferences including NAA Apartmentalize, NMHC Optech and NAA Maximize. He was also the subject of Multi Housing News’ article “Mission Success: Driven by Data”. Tim currently sits on the Bridge Property Management Board of Directors, as well as the Bridge Multifamily Fund V Investment Committee, the Bridge SFR Fund IV Investment Committee and the Bridge Ventures Investment Committee.

Previously, Tim created and oversaw the Revenue Management department for Bridge, as well as piloting the roll out of BPM’s Business Intelligence platform.

Prior to his time with Bridge, Tim founded a sports related retail business in addition to having had successful tenures in sports media with Fox Sports Network in Los Angeles, CA and Broadband Sports in Santa Monica, CA.

Tim holds a B.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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