The people at Bridge are the heart of the firm’s identity.

We are committed to promoting an environment that fosters each employee’s professional growth. We believe in connecting the right people with the right opportunities to help them drive their career at Bridge. Our culture of excellence, accountability, teamwork, and collaboration allows employees to thrive in every aspect of their career and home life.

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Core Values

Excellence Cultivated through Professional Development

“You’re going to get more responsibility here. You’re going to be able to take more of a leadership role here than you would at other firms, and if you can succeed in that role, the opportunities for promotion are endless.”

David Coelho, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Development and Opportunity Zones

We invest in each of our employees through targeted professional advancement, mentorship and leadership development. At Bridge, we make performance growth a central focus through ongoing feedback and semi-annual reviews that establish goals and develop strategies for each of our employees. We also offer a wide range of support for professional development including tuition reimbursement and targeted training programs so that you can take on more responsibility and grow your career here in ways you won’t find at other organizations.

Empowering Employees to be their Best Self

“Bridge helps people get from where they are to where they want to be… This is a people business. This isn’t sticks and bricks. It’s the people at Bridge, our colleagues here, that really make a difference in our communities.”

Christian V. Young, Partner Emeritus

We believe employees perform at their best and are able to enjoy work to the fullest when they are given the tools and support to effectively manage their personal and financial wellness. We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans with HSA and FSA options. In addition to insurance programs, our wellness program supports Bridge employees by providing health education and challenges with tools like SmartDollar for financial management. We provide generous parental leave and one paid day per year for you to volunteer with non-profit organizations that give back to the community. Our commitment to diversity in the workplace is woven in the fabric of Bridge and empowers our employees to be the best version of themselves.

Accountability Backed by Financial Security

“Our investors protect the pensions of teachers, policemen, firemen, residents in their town and state. That is an enormous responsibility as fiduciaries and we take that responsibility very seriously ourselves.”

Inna Khidekel, Partner, Client Solutions Group

It is not just the financial security of our investors or the people they represent that we take seriously. We know that financial security is an important consideration when looking for and staying with the right company. At Bridge, we provide comprehensive compensation packages that include semi-annual performance bonuses, 401(k) matching and savings programs as well as Life and Disability insurance options to help you safeguard for the future.

Specialization Coupled with Creativity and Innovation

“We have some of the most incredible, talented folks in each division of the company and their intelligence and their wisdom and their experience is truly what makes a difference.”

Jeff Shaw, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Commercial Real Estate

We develop specialized investment and operating teams which have deep sectoral knowledge of the areas in which we invest. We foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that enables our people to think outside the box. We encourage collaboration across all of our lines of business, connecting the right skills with the right tasks and providing on-going professional feedback and development for long-term success. We consistently re-examine how we operate and continually seek and reward innovative solutions to improve our performance.

Teamwork as the Foundation for Your Success

“The thing that I love most about working at Bridge is really the people that I work with. The culture that we have here in this company is outstanding. It’s a very rewarding atmosphere because I get to work with great people and do awesome work, and when you put those together, it’s just a really, really wonderful place to be.”

Allison Ramirez, Director, Deputy General Counsel

We emphasize teamwork in everything we do. In fact, in our 2018 Employee Engagement Survey, teamwork was the most highly rated attribute of the Bridge culture. We thrive on collaboration, hard work and open and honest communication. We forge strong and inclusive relationships, trust each other, and win as a team.

With offices in Salt Lake City, New York City, San Mateo, Atlanta, and Orlando, we aim to attract the best and brightest to contribute to our diverse culture. See what our employees have to say about their career path here at Bridge Investment Group.

A Culture of Inclusivity

We believe achieving excellence is predicated on our ability to recruit, develop, promote and retain people from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We focus on enabling and supporting an environment of respect and trust that benefits all Bridge employees. Our firm’s leadership, at all levels, supports this commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusion.

In order to realize our collective commitment, we have set goals to ensure continued progress in promoting an inclusive work environment and providing opportunities for all employees to use their varied talents to support the company’s mission and pursuit of excellence.

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The Bridge Experience

“When it comes to Bridge’s core value of Creativity and Innovation, Bridge is never satisfied with the ‘We’ve always done it this way’ attitude. Bridge is highly focused on innovating systems and processes, which means I know I always have the support I need to drive initiatives to enhance my team’s workflow and the investor experience. My time here at Bridge has made an immeasurable impact upon my career in this industry. I am so grateful to work for such a fine organization!”
Erika, Vice President, Investor Services
“Bridge has been one of the best places I have ever worked. I feel like I’m an integral part of the company and my voice is heard, even by upper management. As the saying goes, ‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of you and your business.’ Bridge understands this, they live this, and it shows on every employee’s face and you feel it when you walk through the doors.”
Justin, IT Associate
“Working at Bridge Investment Group has been exhilarating. The amount of support provided company-wide is just amazing and truly changes the day-to-day work dynamic. It’s very nice to have such a great company culture and diversity because it provides a well-balanced work environment. In addition, there are so many great resources available which I find extremely helpful. With continued growth and advancement opportunities, I am excited about the work we are doing and for my future with Bridge.”
Tarrah, Commercial Property Manager
Our story is interwoven with the buildings, people, and communities where we are invested. Check out our Responsibility page to learn more about our commitment to social responsibility.


Bridge offers the opportunity to make an impact. We facilitate deeply enriching professional development across each of our business lines and seek those who will thrive in our culture of excellence and contribute to our growth.


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Summer Analyst Program

Bridge Investment Group is hiring rising senior Summer Analysts for our investment internships. The program offers unique exposure within one of the fastest-growing global real estate private equity firms, to learn about the acquisition/ investment process within value-add, office real estate. Bridge’s entrepreneurial culture means the Summer Analyst will be expected to take lead and contribute on assigned vertical specific projects, working closely with senior management as well as other interns on company-wide initiatives throughout the program.

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