What it Means to Be the Bridge

“This is a people business. This isn’t sticks and bricks. It’s the people at Bridge, our colleagues here, that really make a difference in our communities.”

Christian Young, Bridge Investment Group Co-CEO

Teamwork is a core value at Bridge. We thrive on collaboration, hard work and open and honest communication. We work to forge strong and inclusive relationships, trust each other, and win as a team.

Our team members are deeply connected to the communities in which they live and work. And when one of our team faces a significant challenge, they are never alone. For Bridge Property Management maintenance supervisor Adalberto, battling esophageal cancer over this last year has literally been the fight of his life and to help him stay strong and positive, his team members stepped up and showed what it means to Be the Bridge. “My Bridge family never let me down on my journey. I’m so grateful for the support that Bridge gave me and is still giving me,” Adalberto said.

While his battle isn’t over yet, Adalberto shared a video documenting his experience from the last year and hopes it will encourage other Bridge team members and those fighting cancer to rally together and lift one another up as his team has done.