We Got Your Back Initiative

The daily existence of the homeless is fraught with pain and suffering, and just surviving can be daunting. We Got Your Back leverages the collective strength of our communities to help homeless youth who are struggling and need a helping hand to make their days easier and inspire hope.

Imagine trying to carry your entire home in a plastic bag.

Not only would it be cumbersome and difficult to carry, but you could lose all of your belongings at any given moment with a single rip; this is the plight facing many of our community’s homeless. In partnership with Covenant House, Volunteers of America and the Danna Foundation, Bridge Investment Group is the leading sponsor of We Got Your Back, an innovative program to help homeless youth in our communities nationwide. The We Got Your Back campaign provides the homeless with new, sturdy, high-quality backpacks, filled with vital items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, deodorant, soap, feminine hygiene items, refillable water bottle, and other essentials.

Backpacks sound so simple, and yet they can mean so much. By easing the worry of losing all of one’s belongings at any given moment and meeting a person’s most basic needs, We Got Your Back inspires our homeless youth to take the next step of reaching out for help from Volunteers of America (Covenant House) and using their robust counseling, training, and housing services to turn around their lives.


The Program

Bringing all of our constituents together, including employees, residents, tenants and partners, Bridge Investment Group amplifies the impact of our efforts and brings our communities together to help thousands of homeless youth around the country. In 2018, We Got Your Back drives will take place in the following locations:

Salt Lake City: July

Southern California: August

Atlanta: November

Orlando: December