The Summer Analyst Program: Reviewing 2020 and Expanding Our Reach to Diverse Talent in 2021

The landscape for many graduating seniors shifted this year as many internships were put on hold due to the global pandemic. At Bridge, putting our internship program on hold was not an option. We worked quickly to safely welcome 14 Summer Analysts across our offices. While the experience was different than being in the office together, our Talent team adapted the program to meet the needs of a virtual and socially distanced workforce to provide unique exposure and meaningful, real-world applications that would help each intern move into the next phase of their career. We asked our interns about their experience in the program this summer and share their responses below.

What Were Your Favorite Parts of the Program?

Andrew: “While I was concerned prior to the program about how it would work in a virtually setting, I was extremely satisfied with how it turned out. I enjoyed casual chats with people on my team as well as learning about other verticals in the insights meetings.”

Matt: “I really enjoyed being involved with my team. Being able to learn from each of them in their respective roles was very insightful. I also enjoyed our insight meetings where we listen to leaders in different verticals talk about their roles and responsibilities. It helped my understanding of how Bridge works at a macro scale and why they’re so successful.”

Nicholas: “The insight meetings with stakeholders from the different verticals were very interesting. Bridge is a large, dynamic company, so it was helpful to get perspective from others, which personally opened my eyes to a couple other departments where I would be interested in working full-time. I was also impressed with the level of exposure and access we were given to executive-level team members. And to their credit, pretty much everyone I came in contact with was willing to spend their valuable time either helping us with the internship project or just providing more insights into Bridge. Lastly, I think the internship group project is a valuable addition to the overall experience. It was well organized, and like I mentioned above, we were given access to some really smart folks that helped along the way.”

Derek: “I really enjoyed the push to learn the basics on how this company works and operates. I learned quite a bit about the overall aspects of the Debt side of the company.”

Networking With Co-Workers

Kaley: “I had 1:1 meetings with everyone on my team to learn about their experience at Bridge. They were very helpful to get situated in the group and to feel plugged in even though I was working remotely.”

John: “Yes, I did. I reached out to coworkers in the debt group and set up 30-minute Zoom calls to learn more about their jobs at Bridge and receive any advice they might have for me.”

Elijah L: “Definitely, it was great getting lunch or having short meetings with some of the other awesome people in the office. This is more difficult from home.”

This year’s Group Project required two teams to develop innovative modeling and tools to help with replacement cost accounting, as well as a team that researched and analyzed the current state and prospects for co-working spaces in commercial office buildings. Both teams then presented their results to senior leadership.

What Takeaways Did You Gain From the Group Project?

Anna: “I learned how to speak up while also making sure everyone's voices were heard. I also learned to manage my time effectively in order to keep up with the group work while also finishing my daily work.”

Minjie: “I got a deeper dive and understanding on the current real estate market.”

Andrew: “The group project was a great opportunity to work with other interns in other offices and verticals. I think the group project gave me access to invaluable perspectives that others from different backgrounds have on the same project. Additionally, I was able to learn a tremendous amount about replacement costs and further expand my modeling skills. Spending the summer in debt strategies, a project more geared toward acquisitions offered a great experience to learn.”
We congratulate all our Summer Analysts for their hard work, resilience and adaptability, contributing to a very productive and memorable program in such unique times.

As we look forward to the 2021 program, we are pleased to share that we have expanded the pool of schools from which we recruit to include an number of historically Black colleges and universities as well as a wider range of regional schools to help ensure we attract the best and most diverse candidates we can for the program.