Improving our residents’ quality of life is how we create alpha. Even the smallest upgrade can drive value exponentially.

Bridge Seniors Housing Fund Manager LLC (“Bridge Seniors”) invests in seniors housing and medical property assets across its family of funds, including seeking and investing in joint ventures and separately managed accounts. We believe that seniors housing is one of the most attractive segments in the US real estate market, offering significant consolidation opportunities and durable industry fundamentals. The sector’s significant growth is driven by the long-term demographics of an aging population and the increased incidences of Alzheimer’s/dementia related diseases. A significant supply/demand imbalance coupled with approaching functional obsolescence of meaningful supply provides the fundamentals for an extraordinary investment opportunity.

Our specialized, purpose-built Bridge Seniors team focuses on the value-add segment of the market and seeks to acquire assets that will benefit from incremental capital investment and marketing, to reposition the assets and create substantial additional value. Such actions can include refurbishment and renovation, changing the resident mix (e.g., increasing the number of memory care units), adding services and amenities, and increasing the marketing footprint. Our longstanding industry relationships allow us to partner with best-in-class, blue chip local operators.

The Bridge Seniors principals, whose experience in the seniors housing sector averages over 20 years, have successfully acquired, developed, managed or disposed of approximately 350 seniors housing projects.  The principals have a long history of operational focus and in-depth industry relationships that allow them to manage key risks.

Bridge Seniors is among the largest owners of seniors housing units in the US, with $3.6 billion of assets under management, operating 81 facilities with over 9,300 units, as of December 31, 2018. These facilities provide accommodations and extensive services to residents in our seniors housing communities and seek to enliven their lives through state-of-the-art dining, wellness, social and other programs.