The Bridge Debt Strategies and Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities platforms seek to create high and sustainable current income while carefully managing risk. We execute with a deep knowledge of securities markets coupled with a detailed, on-the-ground due diligence process.

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The Bridge Debt Strategies management team brings over 75 years of collective experience and has worked together for a decade. Our on-the-ground real estate expertise provides us with differentiated capabilities to assess the quality and risk of underlying collateral, as well as the ability to step in and manage any collateral in distress.

Our asset and market capabilities, coupled with the securitized finance, structuring, and capital markets expertise embedded in our management team, provides Bridge Debt Strategies with a differentiated and enhanced approach to evaluating and capturing opportunities in the commercial real estate debt market while mitigating risk. 

The Bridge Agency MBS Platform team has over 40 years of collective experience in the mortgage-backed securities industry. The team previously worked together at Fannie Mae and were instrumental in the design of the reperforming loan program.



Bridge invests in commercial real estate-backed fixed income, offering attractive current income and carefully-managed risk. We bring an “owner’s mentality” to our efforts and only lend against assets we would be comfortable owning.


Bridge Debt Strategies Fund Manager LLC specializes in two primary areas: Freddie Mac K-Series B-pieces, and first mortgage lending on transitional opportunities.

We have been the #1 purchaser of K-Series B-Pieces in three of the past four years. Furthermore, we generally acquire these securities through a direct placement process and not an auction. Freddie Mac is the largest U.S. multifamily lender, with highly conservative underwriting standards and has an exemplary track record in multifamily lending.

Bridge Agency MBS Fund Manager LLC invests in residential mortgage-backed securities (“Agency MBS”) guaranteed by U.S. Government Sponsored Enterprises (“GSE”), in a proprietary structure designed to mitigate market dislocations and preserve principal. The GSE guarantee of principal and interest mitigates underlying borrower credit risk in the Agency MBS market. Bridge’s deep relationships with the GSEs dates back to the early 1990s.


As of Q1 2022, Bridge AMBS has approximately $1.9 billion in AUM. As of Q1 2022, Bridge Debt Strategies has approximately $10.7 billion in AUM, across 201 investments and over 1,700 loans in the current portfolio, including loans in securitizations.

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