At Bridge, we are more than just owners. We are deeply rooted in the communities in which we operate.

Our people and capital enable high-quality, affordable housing, inspire education and the well-being of children and youth, and better the environment in which we all work and live. Through Bridge Charitable Giving, Bridge Investment Group brings people, ideas and capital together to serve our communities. Bridge Charitable Giving is centered around four pillars: Enabling Housing, Child Welfare, Education and Environmental Stewardship.
Bridge Investment Group is committed to our people. People are the lifeblood of our business. Through our partnerships and unique initiatives, Bridge brings people, ideas and capital together to serve our communities and enhance their well-being.
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Enabling Housing


Bridge is an industry leader in providing extensive onsite social and community programs for our residents that build vibrant, thriving communities. Our 20 year partnership with nonprofit organization Project Access allows us to enhance the quality of life for our residents at a lower cost of living, while advancing their social, economic and financial empowerment and well-being.

97%+ of our adult resident participants say our programs improved their current life situations with respect to attaining career goals, technical training, English as a second language, parenting support or health. At least 75% of our after-school programming participants improve their academic performance year-over-year. The Bridge Credit Plus program promotes financial independence and literacy.

Bridge subsidizes out of our management fee the provision of a dedicated social and community center at each of our Workforce & Affordable Housing properties. Bridge is committed to transparently and accountably measuring and reporting the outcomes of our social and community programming.



The We Got Your Back initiative provides homeless youth with a simple but essential tool for survival: a backpack. By filling new, high-quality backpacks with necessities and easing the worry of losing all of one’s belonging at any given moment, We Got Your Back seeks to provide homeless youth with the strength and means they need to reach out for help from our partner nonprofit organizations Covenant House and Volunteers of America. In 2018, We Got Your Back served 5,800 homeless youth, with 250 Bridge employees and 1,300 Bridge residents, tenants and seniors participating across 18 communities.

May – Las Vegas

June – San Francisco

August – Salt Lake City

October – Atlanta

November – Southern California


Child Welfare


The Bridge “Boots-on-the-Ground” partnership with Shoes that Fit sponsors brand-new athletic shoes for children in need in the Bridge local footprint. With a mission to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty by giving children new sneakers to attend school with dignity and joy, Bridge’s nationwide program boosts school attendance, self-esteem, social interaction and physical activity, inspiring children to jump higher and run faster towards their goals. In 2019, Bridge sponsored brand-new shoes for 1,200 children across 6 elementary schools in our communities (New York, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Orlando and San Francisco). Learn More


As a supporter of Covenant House, Bridge supports the outreach, housing, and education services of homeless, trafficked and exploited youth. Bridge provides counseling and mentorship to residents of Covenant House, partners with Covenant House on the We Got Your Back program and is a proud supporter of the annual “Sleep Out” across the Bridge local offices.



Each year, Bridge awards $10,000 college scholarships to talented residents living in multifamily communities owned and operated by Bridge. A competitive and prestigious scholarship, selection is based on academic achievements, leadership, extracurriculars, personal essays and diversity. In 2018 and 2019, Bridge recognized 15 exceptional “Bridge Scholars” across the U.S.  Learn More and Apply Here:



As a proud sponsor of the Toigo Foundation, Bridge supports the career advancement and leadership of underrepresented talent in the finance industry, with a focus on identifying and developing MBA level talent. Bridge is a Gold sponsor of the Toigo annual gala, a Breakthrough sponsor of Groundbreakers as a champion for the advancement of women, and an MBA Catapult sponsor. Learn More:



Bridge is a Founding Sponsor of the PREA Foundation, in partnership with the first-ever Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Real Estate track. SEO has a 35-year track record of success providing select educational and internship opportunities to college students from underrepresented backgrounds. Learn More:

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Environmental Stewardship


In partnership with Ceres, the Nature Conservancy, and through powerful networks and advocacy, Bridge helps to tackle the world’s biggest sustainability challenges, including climate change, water scarcity and pollution, and human rights abuses. As one of the first to participate in Freddie Mac’s Green Advantage program and through the Bridge Green Initiatives program, Bridge is committed to be a leader in environmental stewardship and conservancy at our assets and in our communities.

Bridge designates community service days for individuals from our offices all over the country to work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations on team-based volunteer projects.
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Bridge Gives

The Bridge Employee Matching Gift Program matches employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 annually, to incentivize employee giving and community engagement. Each employee is encouraged to take advantage of an annual Bridge Gives day to engage with and volunteer in their surrounding communities.


Our Workplace

Bridge is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive work environment and believes achieving excellence is predicated on our ability to recruit, develop, promote and retain people from varied backgrounds, cultures, skills and perspectives. We recognize that in order to make sound investment decisions and attain growth and success, our employees must be as diverse as the communities in which we operate. Bridge focuses on enabling and supporting an environment of respect and trust that benefits all Bridge employees and to promoting diversity both at the Firm and in the Real Estate industry. All levels of the organization are integrated to provide our employees with the opportunities, experiences and training necessary to develop a strong, multi-disciplinary skillset and thrive in their careers.


Bridge Women’s Network

The Bridge Women’s Network (BWN) is an affinity group designed to attract, develop, inspire, and retain female professional talent at the firm. BWN fosters a strong community of professionals both within Bridge and leveraging external networks to support the sustained focus on female career development and leadership. This effort includes exchanging experiences, ideas and best practices, promoting mentorship, training and development, and engaging leaders and networks for effective advocacy and sponsorship.

Organizations We Support