We live and breathe our assets. That’s how we find value where others don’t.

Bridge Investment Group LLC (“Bridge”) is a leading privately held real estate investment and property management firm that manages $12+ billion in assets under management within its registered investment advisory businesses. We combine our 1,100-person, nationwide, “boots-on-the-ground” operating platform with specialized teams of investment professionals focused on select US real estate verticals, which we believe offer above-market opportunity: MultifamilyAffordable HousingSeniors Housing & Medical Properties, Office and Debt Strategies.

We are owners and operators who are deeply rooted in our assets. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets, as well as our extensive real asset and capital markets expertise, enable us to develop prolific deal flow and to deploy high-touch asset management and monitoring across our business lines.

Our “owner-operator” perspective generates deep capabilities to understand assets and source less-than-fully-marketed deal flow from industry participants. Targeting acquisitions and loans in growth markets where we maintain a strong local operating footprint, but which are less crowded and offer more opportunities for value-add investments, allows us to build portfolios of attractive investments individually asset by asset. 

Our asset management strategy is specialized and focused in a way that emphasizes current income and capital appreciation while mitigating risk. By making improvements that build lasting communities, increase renter satisfaction, and ultimately bring value to investors, we seek to “create alpha” at the asset level.

The principals of Bridge have been investing in and improving communities around the country in one form or another since 1991 and manage private equity funds, separately managed vehicles, co-investments and joint ventures. Woven and intertwined with our buildings, people, and communities, we transform assets into game-changers that maximize their potential across all dimensions.

Mission Statement

Bridge seeks to be a globally-trusted investment manager offering exceptional returns to our investors, pursued with uncompromising principles. We are a high-touch, detail-oriented investor in the commercial real estate and fixed income sectors.

We are a people business. It is a privilege to serve as steward of our Investors’ capital. Our residents and tenants are the lifeblood of our assets. We strive to create vibrant communities where people are excited to live and work. We hire the best people and provide them with unparalleled opportunity to succeed and advance.

Core Values


We emphasize teamwork in everything we do. We thrive on collaboration, hard work and open and honest communication.
We forge strong and inclusive relationships, trust each other, and win as a team.


We stand behind our word and strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.
We face facts and realities, and we embrace challenges.


We empower our people to reach their full potential.
We cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture of disciplined analysis and action. We believe that diversity is the only path to superior performance.


We develop specialized investment and operating teams which have deep sectoral knowledge of the areas in which we invest. We use data, carefully analyzed and fully vetted, to complement decades of experience, in guiding our investment decisions.


We consistently reexamine how we operate and seek innovative solutions to improve our performance, at the asset level, at the Fund level and at the corporate level. New ideas are carefully examined and adopted if appropriate.